Business Management Solutions


A successful business depends on in-depth research, branding, and business plan ahead of putting your money. We offer all types of business management services that will help you to succeed your business.

Research on Business Ideas

ball with customersWell research about your business idea and the location of establishment is very important at first place. While you might think of any business to be successful in a location of your choice, it is not always necessary that your idea will succeed. We have to determine several other factors, such as targeted customers, existing businesses, possible new businesses in future, economic and demographic factors, etc. Well research in these areas is essential before deciding whether to go with the proposed business in a targeted location. We provide following services with this respect:

  • Research the demography and economic status of the targeted location of your business;
  • Set the targeted customers in numbers;
  • Research the existing businesses who sell similar products/services that you are intending to sell;
  • Find out possible new businesses who may operate in targeting the customers of your intended business;
  • Determine possible factors affecting success or failure of your business.

Business Plan

businss planSo, we have decided to start the business based on preliminary feasibility and also branded the business name. Now, even before formerly registering the business with the Department of State, it is important to create the business plan identifying all factors of the business, our future growth plan as well as pro-forma financial statement for at least a couple of years. Creating a business plan will exactly give you an idea that how you will be moving forward with the business, how you will spend money, and when you might get the break-even or attain profits. The business plan will help you to make a final decision whether you want to move forward with investing in the business or not. The business plan will also help the Banks to determine whether to grant loan to your business or not. Therefore, it is very important to have the business plan before moving ahead. We offer following services in this subject matter:

  • Generate information about the products/services you intend to sell, allocated financial investment, employee needs, budgets in different areas, etc.
  • Develop well-researched and professional business plan identifying the strategy, marketing, human resources, financial management, operations, etc.
  • Develop the establishment budget for different factors.
  • Develop a pro-forma financial statement for at least 3 years from the date of establishment.


LLC Publication Requirements in NY

business magazinePursuant to New York State Limited Liability Company Law and Partnership Law, the domestic and foreign limited liability companies (LLC), limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships must fulfill the publication requirements within 120 days of registration with the Department of State (DoS). The articles of organization or information about the LLC must be published in two newspapers of a particular county where the LLC is formed, and the newspapers must be designated by the county clerk. Similarly, the publication must be once once a week for six successive weeks in both newspapers, and out of two, one must be printed daily and the other printed weekly. Once the publication is completed, the newspaper must provide an affidavit of publication. Thereafter, the LLC must apply DoS for a Certificate of Publication along with the Affidavits of Publication. If you fail to do so, you are not authorized to operate LLC after 180 days of the formation. We provide following services in this area:

  • Select two designated newspapers in the county your LLC is formed;
  • Prepare required materials to publish on the newspapers;
  • Publish your LLC information on those newspapers for six weeks;
  • Obtain Affidavits of Publication from the newspapers;
  • Apply for Certificate of Publication to the Dos; and
  • Obtain the Certificate of Publication for your LLC.

Branding the business

badge us flagBranding the business name is a key to success. Though we sometimes do not care of the business name, the world’s top businesses depend on their proper branding. If Facebook or Google was not properly branded with appropriate names, they might not grow as large as they are now. Therefore, it is very important to consider proper brand name for your business. We provide following services on this area:

  • Research the best possible brand name based on your business ideas and the product/services you propose to sell;
  • Find out whether the chosen brand name conflict with existing brand name registered with the Federal or State Governments;
  • Determine whether best possible domain name, such as .com is available for the chosen brand or not;
  • Advise you the best possible brand name;
  • Create appropriate logo and brand design for the chosen brand name;
  • Secure internet domains for the selected brand name.
  • Reserve brand name with appropriate Department of State.

Registration and By-Laws

business registerSo, you now have decided to move forward with investing for the business. You have already analyzed the business plan and conclusively satisfied that you will gain profits from the business in the short- or long-run. You have enough funds from your own savings or the Bank may have decided to fund your business. So, its now time to register your business giving it a legal identity.

There are different types of business entities you can register with New York Department of State (DoS), such as Business Corporation, Limited Liability Company (LLC), General Partnership, Limited Partnership (LP), Sole Proprietorship,and Not-for-Profit organization. You may form any sort of business entities based on your overall business strategy.

We provide following services in this area:

  • Determine which business entity best fit for your business strategy.
  • Register your business name as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, etc.
  • Obtain tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of State Tax Office.
  • Obtain necessary vending permit from county or municipality office.
  • Obtain necessary licensing requirement for your business.
  • Prepare governing bylaws for your corporations if required.

Ongoing Consultation for Smooth Management

woman-speakingOnce you start the business, you may need to know several things for properly implement the business plan, modify plan, etc. It is apparent to timely understand how the business is operating, whether the plan is working or not, and things to be considered to make it better. Therefore, ongoing management consultation is essential for you to succeed your business. We provide following supports with this respect:

  • We review your business plan and find out whether you have successfully implemented the plan or not;
  • We review and analyze whether the plan is working or not, and whether you need to modify the plan of actions or not;
  • Any short of consultation with respect to marketing, financial planning, human resources, strategy, and operations planning of your business.