We have all types of services with respect to immigration and asylum in the United States. Following are some key services we are currently offering.

Political Asylum

political-asylumIf you fear to return to your country of nationality, and would like to make an asylum in the United States, we will help you to go through the asylum application process. Following are key services we provide:

  • Guide you about the asylum process;
  • Access and analyze problems you faced in your country of nationality, and advice you whether your claim may succeed or not;
  • Prepare your asylum application form, narrate your story in proper English language, and then submit asylum application with USCIS.
  • Guide you through asylum application process, such as receiving notice from USCIS, finger prints, etc.
  • Guide you about documentary evidences required for you to prove your asylum claim.
  • Translate your documents if that are not in English language.
  • Represent your case with USCIS.
  • File appeal to¬†Administrative Appeals Office of USCIS.
  • Do all necessary works to help you succeed your appeal.

Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

tpsIs your country of citizen granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS)? If so, you may be eligible to apply for TPS. Following are key services we provide about TPS:

  • Find out whether your country is granted TPS by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or not;
  • Prepare your TPS application as well as EAD application;
  • Submit your TPS along with necessary documents to appropriate USCIS office;
  • Obtain your TPS as well as Employment Authorization Document (EAD), and guide you about applying for Social Security Number;
  • Renew your TPS whenever required.
  • Guide you through other aspects of TPS.


Employment Authorization

ead-cardWe provide you services with respect to obtaining Employment Authorization (EAD). The EAD card is required for you to legally work in the United States along with a Social Security Number (SSN). You may be eligible for EAD in various situations, like your asylum status, pending applications, student visa, etc. Following are our key services:

  • Access and analyze your situation to determine whether you are eligible for Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or not;
  • Prepare Employment Authorization Form (EAD) with all required information;
  • Finalize application and submit to appropriate USCIS office for processing;
  • Communicate with USCIS about your EAD processing, and submit necessary documents if required.
  • Obtain EAD and guide you about applying for Social security Number;
  • Renew EAD whenever one you have is near to expire.
  • Provide you necessary counselling for EAD.

Visa applications/Extension

us-visaIf you are already in the United States as a B1/B2 visitor visa, you might be able to extend your visa. We provide following services:

  • Extend your B1/B2 status preparing application form and submitting to appropriate USCIS office;
  • Sponsorship Application for your family members;
  • Prepare online visitor visa application for your family member;
  • Guide you with required documents for visas.